Finding the Look – Day 2 Reviews

Today was a long day, so I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet.  Below is the list of products I used for work today along with my review for each product.


Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.

This worked really well!  No flaking, no smudging, no burning eyes, and it stayed on all day.  Thus, I can only conclude that yesterday’s burning sensation was caused by user error on my part, as I mentioned before.  (See previous post.)

(1) Aromaleigh’s Silken Pearl primer;  (2) Aromaleigh’s “Pashmina” mineral foundation in Light 2C.

Both of these worked really well!  I think I may end up ordering this, as well as the Ghost White version for those especially spooky night.  I liked the primer for how smooth it made my face (I guess..?  I’m inexperienced with primer.), as well as the overall coverage and color.  I’m not a fan of my own, and prefer a shade or two lighter.

Only bad stuff:  Since this was loose powder, it made my nose tickle.  It didn’t affect my allergies; it’s just the nature of anything very fine and very powdery.  Also, if you are a novice, this WILL get everywhere!  But I will definitely be using it again!

Aromaleigh’s “Starry Night” loose eye shadow in Antares. 

Same as the other Aromaleigh products:  Stayed on beautifully, but since it’s a loose powder, it’s a little tricky to use.  I suggest either using a primer, or a damp brush.  The color would be great if it was a little thicker or wetter, but wasn’t bad as it was.

E.L.F.’s “Brightening Eyeliner” pencil in black.

I tried it, then wiped it right off.  It went on well, and very smooth, but I do not wear eyeliner well.  Very dark, and felt like it would have stayed on had I given it a chance.  Came off easily without any product.

Almay’s liquid lip balm in “Just Plum Good”.

Very shiny, good color, not very dark.  Typical tinted lip balm.  Did not stay on through lunch, and I was too busy during the day to reapply.


Helped my lips stay hydrated in the middle of answering phones and talking all afternoon.  Great stuff.

*  *  *  *

Tomorrow, I plan on using the same primer and foundation, and plan on buying a full-sized jar of the foundation tomorrow along with some of the Ghost White.  I’m also going to make the Smashbox mascara as a part of my regular routine.  I’m still experimenting with colors for lipstick, eye shadow, and the rest.

Along with makeup, I like to experiment with hair color, especially wild hair colors.  I’ve had it red, orange, pink, and black.  But what I really want is blue hair.  I’ve wanted blue hair for several years, almost a decade!  But working in the environment I do right now, not sure if I can get away with it.  More on that later.

Tomorrow I plan to take and post pics of the newish clothes I got a few months back.  Ebay and prayer are both wonderful, magical things!  — Lady Tam Li Hua

FTL Day 1 – Evening

A few things before I get on with this evening’s review.

I have three things working against me in starting a beauty blog:  Age, location, and weight.  Age, because I’m in my mid-30s now, and starting to develop “worry lines” around my eyes, as well as some rather impressive dark circles.  (If there was a cream out there to combat both wrinkles and acne at the same time, I wish someone would bring it to my attention!)  Location, because the Deep South is brutal in the summer!  It’s the middle of July, and we reportedly got into the triple digits here in M-town.  Yes, that’s with humidity!  So, the middle of summer may have been an unfortunate time for me to experiment, especially with something as elaborate as Goth makeup.  (Though I’m trying to adhere to the advice from The Lady of Manners as much as possible.)  Weight, because overweight people look ridiculous in general if we wear too much of our favorite thing.  (I’ve always been overweight, though in the past it’s usually been due to a combination of tummy and boobs, but now it’s just tummy.)  I have one thing going for me in the weight department:  I don’t usually look the size that I usually am.  It’s a lucky (?) family trait.  But, I do hate my tummy and arm fat.  (More on diets and nutrition later.)

Because I do actually have a job on occasion, I won’t always write three posts a day.  Sometimes it’ll only be one time a day.  Sometimes one day a week.  It’ll depend on how things go with this, and how quickly I find permanent solutions to my makeup problems.  I’ll try to keep a regular update, though, if only to have a record of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Now, on to the reviews!

*  *  *  *

The Smashbox Full Exposure mascara worked well…as long as I stayed in cool, dry, air-conditioned locations.  Unfortunately, it was not waterproof.  (This is a double-edged sword – whatever makes mascara waterproof is usually what also makes it burn my eyes.)  Not waterproof = not sweat proof.  To note, this isn’t labeled as “waterproof”, so I knew what I was getting into.  It went on well and dried quickly.  However, it was a bit flaky despite claims to the contrary.  The most positive thing:  An excellent SkinDeep rating for allergy sufferers, and in general!  Since tomorrow is a work day, I’m going to try it again and see how it works for The Grind.  I have a feeling I may have a winner!  (Or at least one that won’t leave me broke.)

The other products I reviewed this afternoon, if you want to see my post on it.  I’ll be disposing of the L’Oreal lipstick, since bright reddish-orange isn’t really a color that looks good on me.  I’m going to keep the HT red lip/eye pencil, however, because (1) it’s extinct, (2) I don’t have any other red lip/eye pencils, and (3) I haven’t reviewed it as an eye pencil yet.

One more word on eyes:  After taking off the e.l.f. cream eyeliner and that awful lipstick, my eyes felt red and tired.  I don’t know if it was from actually being tired, or from the eyeliner, or from the mascara, or what.  It may even have been the eye remover pads I used, or the Yes to Cucumbers makeup remover towelettes.  (Hrm, probably shouldn’t use those on my actual eyes.)  In fact, I’m now about 100% certain it as the Yes to product.  (It says it is not for use with eyes, but I do stupid things when I’m in a hurry and/or frustrated.)  Thus, I want to see what Smashbox’s mascara has to offer on a “normal” day when I don’t do something extremely dumb.

Also to try tomorrow are quite a few products from one of my favorite mineral makeup companies, Aromaleigh!

Almay, Aromaleigh, and more!

Almay, Aromaleigh, and more!

The List:

My Concerns:  

I’m a little concerned that the Pashmina, which is Aromaleigh’s heaviest coverage, will be a bit much for a hot summer afternoon in the box office where I work.  On the other hand, I have a few acne scars (and the recently-discovered discoloration) that has made me VERY self-conscious.  If I have the time, and it looks or feels too heavy, I may bump down to the Gossamer version of the same color.  (It’s lighter and variable.)  On the other hand, if I use it lightly, and don’t mix it in too heavily with my lotion, it may work out beautifully!  But again, this all depends on how it feels in the morning.  (I’ve already done my beauty regime for the evening, and don’t want to undo it by trying anything on; I despise waste!)

I don’t usually do well with loose powdered eye shadows, but I choke this up to being somewhat of an inexperienced novice rather than anything else.  I’m also concerned about not doing the eye liner well, but am hoping that a pencil helps me keep a steadier hand than the elaborate smudge pot I was trying to use.

Other Products:

As I mentioned earlier, I used “Yes to Cucumbers” makeup removing towelettes.  These were great for removing foundation and lipstick!  Just don’t ever use it on your eyes.  While it didn’t blind me or anything, I think it did make them feel hot and tired, which is no good.  (Again, it says on the package not to do that, so that was a total user error.)  For face lotion, I use what I have right now:  Neutrogina’s oil-free face lotion for sensitive skin at night, and Purpose’s Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion during the day.  I’m not too happy with either of these right now, but getting a whole new beauty regimen is both expensive and annoying, so I’m taking it slowly as I go.  However, I already have a wish list of things I’d like to try at some point, if’n they aren’t full of allergens and toxins.

For day and night washing, I’m totally addicted to St. Ives!  I’ve used this product since I was a pimply teen, and when I use it regularly, it clears up my acne and makes my face feel fantastic!  Right now, I’m doing a double-tackle on my adult acne with the oatmeal scrub/mask and the blemish control tea gel cleanser.  I’ve yet to come across products that work better for my blemish-prone and overly-sensitive skin.  Granted, it may take a while for one’s acne to completely clear up, but this will be true no matter what product one uses, despite a product’s claims.  I may have to start purchasing their lotions, etc. online if I can’t find them in the store.

As for what I call “smell-goods”, I’ve discovered a brand of scented, perfume-free oil that I just LOVE!  The brand, Acorns and Alchemy, offers samples of almost any scent imaginable.  I’ve settled on “Halloween” for right now, though I’ve also gotten samples for “13” and “Black Widow”.  You can visit A&A on Etsy as well.  All products are vegan and cruelty-free.  Compared to the Clinique Happy perfume I recently rediscovered in my arsenal (which Hubby bought for me about 5 years ago), it’s much less likely to make me sneeze or give the sensitive person a headache.

*  *  *  *

In conclusion, I think I’m all set for tomorrow as far as looks go.  Will give a review on how these work out sometime tomorrow, if I have the energy.  Also, I plan to do a post on the awesome clothing and accessories I was able to purchase sometime back with God’s blessing and the hubby’s incredible financial skills!  😀  Also, a post on how I’ve always wanted blue hair, and never been able to get it (though I’ve had it an array of different colors).

Sweet dreams, my lovelies! — Lady Tam Li Hua

Finding the Look – Day 1 – Midday Thoughts

Midday.  I feel the need to go ahead and change some things already.

The L’Oreal True Red:  My only complaint is about the color.  It looks more orange than red.  Sort of a “sunset” orange.  Very bright.  While pretty if you like that sort of thing, it’s not really my style; I prefer darker colors.

The Red HT Lip/Eye Pencil:  Oddly enough, it was a very good match for the L’Oreal True Red, only it was more of an actual red than an orange red.

E.L.F. Black Cream Eyeliner:  Does not work well for an eyeshadow.  However, this may be in part due to user error, as I’m the least adept to eyeliner above everything else.  I love the cream feel, but it is very, very messy to deal with, especially for a novice.

Almay Foundation & Concealer:  I’ve been using these for a while now, the past few weeks.  I’ve been very happy with the coverage and color, until today.  Apparently, I have some discoloration on the top left of my forehead that is not easily covered.  (This may also be a result of the mowing this morning, though I don’t know.)  The best part about this is the “Blemish Heal” technology (ooh, fancy!).  While not very strong, it is helpful for light acne problems.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara:  Works great, doesn’t make my eyeballs explode, and looks fantastic!  

One thing I need to look up is how to clean makeup sponges.  After the session this morning, everything I used was very well-used.

*   *   *   *

Last night, I made a chart of all the makeup I have that I could find.  In looking at both the chart and the makeups, I’ve realized there’s some I won’t be trying on again, because I already know what my review is on it.  Most of these are mascaras, though I’m sure I’ll add more to the list as it continues.

Maybe line Great Lash Mascara, Lots of Lashes:  If you don’t suffer terribly from eye allergies, then this is a great mascara.  I liked the volume, the coverage, and the brush.  Unfortunately, I do not like some of the ingredients included, as they irritate and sting.  (I’ve also had this stuck in my beauty carrier for a while, and it’s starting to smell weird.)  Beauty and self-expression isn’t worth going blind over.

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Black mascara:  Hate it.  Hate hate HATE!  The brush is too thick, and the formula comes off far too easily.  The only good thing about this is that it did not sting my eyes, so that’s something.

Almay One-Coat Thickening Mascara, Black/Brown:  First off, I didn’t realize this was “black/brown” until last night.  I had fully intended to get black, but somehow ended up with this.  It’s not bad, but not great.  The brush is much better than PF’s was, but the formula doesn’t seem to have any staying power.  I do not plan on buying this again.

I’ll be doing more segments like this as I find products I’ve either tried or hoarded away like a squirrel.  A really, really fabulous squirrel.  I especially want to do the Manic Panic “Final Curtain” palette that I have, but will have to save that one for another day.

Finding the Look – Day 1 – Morning

This morning, I actually mowed the back lawn.  In doing so, I broke that most sacred of all Goth rules, which is especially valid in the summertime:  WEAR SUNSCREEN!!  But being both a nature lover and the kind of person who does her chores best right after she wakes up and has a light breakfast, I didn’t want to take the time to hunt down the sunscreen (I swear it’s around here somewhere), apply, and wait for it to properly sink into my skin.

The result?  I fear I may have tanned.  Or, at the very least, gotten a bit of a sunburn.  (I burn, then tan, then peal.  It’s not ideal.)  I don’t mind burning a bit or tanning slightly, as long as I don’t end up with the severe kind where one can hardly move.  Besides, I’m deficient on Vitamin D anyways.

Irregardless, getting back to a pale pallor is what makeup is for, right?!  Today, I’m going to go a little half-n-half:  One half of stuff I’m already using, the other half stuff I’ve been meaning to try.

Daily Makeup 1

Mr. Spider says “Hi!”

If for some reason you can’t see the pic, my setup for today is:

What I’m most concerned about:  The mascara.  I’ve discovered through very painful trial and error that my eyes are highly sensitive to eye makeup if it has certain ingredients or falls into my eye.  It’s part of the reason I get easily frustrated with my eye makeup, and insanely jealous of all the other, lovely Goth ladies out there!  I try to use vegan for most of my make-‘er-up products (and cruelty free for ALL of them!), but that isn’t always a guarantee that (1) the product will last, or (2) it won’t burn my eyes out of my skull.  (There’s also the problem of it being summer in the Deep South, which means that one melts almost as soon as one steps outside.  Not.  Fun.)

I’ll post an update later on how this makeup holds up, it’s pluses and minuses, and all that good stuff.  C ya!  – Lady Tam Li Hua

Sephora’s Liar Friend

This was actually posted last night.  However, I somehow accidentally posted it as a page instead of a post.  Chalk it up to exhaustion..?  lol  — Lady Tam


I’m a liar.

In my last post, I ranted rather extensively about how I’d “tried everything” in relation to make-up, only to find that there were no solutions to my conundrum.  What I should have said was that I’d tried mostly what the drug store had to offer.  In other words, I hadn’t *really* tried more high-quality stuff, or really anything that was over $10.00.  I know that price isn’t everything, but in order to be fair across the board, I’ve realized I need to branch out a little, and try stuff also at Sephora instead of just at Walgreen’s.

In the spirit of starting over (in a sense), I’m going to try reviewing make-up more.  Perhaps writing about it will help others, as well as help me keep a record of what I’ve tried and what I haven’t.  I plan to include not just the product I’m using (along with photographs), but also the SkinDeep link to said product.  (EWG’s SkinDeep website rates the ingredients and harmful effects of most makeup products.  If a product is not there, then it is either extremely niche and unknown, or brand-spankin’-new.)

Of course, this testing of products will all be in the context of living in the Deep South, so I may also add a “sweat-proof” factor.  Maybe even a “before” and “after”.  I don’t know.  We’ll have to see how it goes.

Products to look forward to:

There’s many, many other things in my collection besides just these, but I’m going to start with my most recent stuff and go from there.  I fully realize that some of these reviews will be a bit off, partially due to the age of the make-up being used.  Even still, I think it should be relevant for any other allergy-prone ladies (or gents) out there!