Sensitive Sally & The Accusers

An Open Letter To All Well-Meaning Friends: From the time I was about 13, people have been harassing me about makeup….

Making Up Perfection + I’m Not Perfect

In general, I’m not a focused individual.  …

That Time Of Day

Between the hours of 6 PM and 9 PM, I am at my lowest point emotionally….

Totally Bats #1: Conversationalization

Southern Gothic

I’m a slow learner, and an even slower doer.  I think this is why going back to school has been semi-stressful for me; I often like to take a while to think about a thing – undisturbed – before embarking on the task of [insert task here]. Unfortunately, Life insists on moving at its own rate instead of mine for most things.  But, better late than never, eh? I’ve always had a love-dislike relationship with makeup & hairdos & fashion.  A lot of folks may think it’s because I’m lazy, but it’s not.  That’s, at most, only about 20% of the reason.  The other 80% has a LOT to do…